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iranianarmenians armenian իրանահայեր iranahayer also known as persianarmenians armenian պարսկահայեր parskahayer are iranians of armenian ethnicity.

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The first genocide of the 20th century occurred when two million armenians living in turkey were eliminated from their historic homeland through forced deportations and massacres.

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Like the bosporan kingdom the history of armenia stretches from the golden age of greece through the hellenistic period to protracted status as a roman and persian client.

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The interview section aims to introduce notable armenian individuals whose success in their professional fields has benefited to our community and our nation.

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The armenian genocide was the ruthless slaughter of millions of armenians by the turks of the ottoman empire in 1915 during world war i leaders of the turkish government set in motion a plan to.

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What is the armenian genocide top of list the atrocities committed against the armenian people of the ottoman empire during wwi are called the armenian genocide.

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The portion of armenia lying within the former russian empire declared independence on may 28 1918 but in 1920 it was invaded by forces from turkey and soviet russia.

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The armenian minority in the ottoman empire has always enjoyed the status of privilege in the 19th century 22 armenians became ministers including ministers of foreign affairs in this turbulent era leading up to the collapse of the empire.

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armenian armenian hay plural hayq or hayk member of a people with an ancient culture who originally lived in the region known as armenia which comprised what are now northeastern turkey and the republic of armenia.

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