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Miami embrace the authenticity of cuban culture at bongos cuban cafe where miami meets old havanas tropical ambiance cuisine and style.

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Before the arrival of the spanish cuba was inhabited by three distinct tribes of indigenous peoples of the americas the ta237no an arawak people the guanahatabey and the ciboney people.

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communist party of cuba spanish partido comunista de cuba pcc cuban communist party organized by fidel castro and others in 1965 but historically dating from communist activity begun in.

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In a post on his cyber dust socialmedia app the outspoken billionaire investor wrote that he would prefer to join the gop but had an issue with the partys push for conformity i would prefer.

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The name mojitos only starts to tell this unique restaurants story a mojito is the traditional cuban highball cocktail the classic recipe calls for five ingredients rum sugar lime juice soda and mint leaves.

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cuban revolution cuban revolution armed uprising in cuba that overthrew the government of fulgencio batista on january 1 1959 the revolution had as its genesis a failed assault on the santiago de cuba army barracks on july 26 1953 that attacks.

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Sixtytwo years ago on july 26 1953 fidel castro united a rebel force with systematized plans to overthrow the cuban dictator fulgencio batista.

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Authentic cuban food combining traditional flavors and a unique flair the cuban is the go to place for great food drinks amp live entertainment.

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Cuba is important to the history of florida and the keys because florida was a spanish possession until 1762 when florida was traded to britain.

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